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About us


Development, industrialization, and sales of protection films, technical parts and self-adhesives products. Founded in 1999 with the following vision: to fulfill the market's demand in the automotive sector. By focusing in this niche section of the market, the company set, from its early days, tailoring to each client's needs to be our priority and we maintained that every since.

Chronological line

The year JF Adesivos Ltda. was founded. In the beginning, the company acted in the automotive market, providing replacement parts for our clients, striving to excel in the high quality in both service and material.

The year we officially entered the adhesive's market. Producing to provide solutions in the adhesive tape, protective film, as well as masking.

As we continued to incessantly work towards gaining presence and recognition in the adhesive market since its start 9 years prior to establish ourselves, In 2011, we began film extrusion to better tend to our clients' needs.

In our efforts to expand our abilities and continue to tailor to each and every client's needs, we adopted in 2013 machinery to design and make prototypes for technical parts.

A milestone was achieved as we entered the aeronautical industry.

As the new trends in the automobile industry rises, in 2015, we started to supply our products for bi-tone/dual tone painting.

This marks the year we changed our address; moving to 3,5m2 facility.

We then started to work in developing tailored devices and designs for our clients.


Our mission is the development of new technologies in automotive painting, strive to always be a reference in the market for the best solution and product. We aim to present the best possible product for our clients, constantly seeking knowledge and new technologies to better serve You!

Achievements and Objectives

Our accomplishments to date are marked by the faith from our clients over the years and their continuing trust to find the best solutions for all the projects presented.